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Healthcare & Pharma
  • Pre-built content: InsHeal, our content repository, has a large number of ready-to-publish articles available for licensing. Suitable for your web site, blog, digital media and any other channels where you need authentic, reliable, original healthcare content.
  • Custom content: Creation & curation of custom content based on your requirements, by a qualified medical team.
  • Research: Market research & insights for healthcare & pharma companies, advances & innovations in healthcare, and identification of new business opportunities in digital health.
Digital, Tech, Innovation
  • Consulting CXO: Senior consultants (ex CXOs) available to join your team for 1-2 days a week in a CTO / CDO / CIO / CMO / CSO role.
  • Digital Innovation: End-to-end set up for a new technology practice / innovation team – Cloud, Analytics, AI, ML, RPA, BPM, IOT, Blockchain, Digital Experience, Digital Operations, and more.
  • CXO Content: If you are in a Senior leadership / CXO role, you need high quality content for your presentations, proposals, and reports. Tech writers will not work. What if you had somebody at a peer level available to generate such content for you?

Startup & SME
  • Strategy: We work directly with Startup & SME founders / promoters on all aspects of business and tech strategy.
  • Sounding board: It’s lonely as a founder / promoter. What if you had somebody as a peer or senior colleague, to listen and give you a neutral, unbiased opinion?
  • Mentoring: Everyone’s heard of angel investors. Contact us for angel mentors, The InsiWi Mentor Network – a group of senior industry professionals available for you to pitch your ideas, get feedback, be a part of your advisory board, and guide you through difficult times.

  • Innovation: is a part of our DNA. We consider every engagement with every customer as an opportunity to innovate.
  • Outcomes: We work with clearly defined KRAs and outcomes for each engagement.
  • Empathy: Your problems, your business needs, your success and your overall experience is what truly matters to us at the end of the day.


As the clock ticks away, each of us will one day face this question: What does my legacy look like so far, and how will I be remembered?

And the question often holds the clue to the answer.

Success stories

We have executed projects for sectors such as Healthcare, CPG, Education, Tech Services, Manufacturing, Retail, BFSI, and more. Contact us for examples and case studies.

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Founded by a medical professional and a business technologist with the dream: Knowledge > Insights > Wisdom.

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